JustScrobble received an update to work-around the "Token expired. Please return to JustScrobble and try again."-issue caused by the broken API of With version JustScrobble uses the authentication-method for mobile applications, which requires entering the username and password, as this one currently works. The recommended way for desktop applications to authenticate is broken since the redesign of Version is still available for download, though.


The updates on are causing some problems with JustScrobble ("[...] Node is null. Cannot select single node. XML response may be mal-formed"). I updated JustScrobble to version Now it should scrobble fine until breaks another part of the API.


I updated JustScrobble to version to fix issues occurring when trying to run JustScrobble for the first time. Further the installer received some improvements. Users, which might be running the kinda internal version don't need to update to this version as the changes are marginal. New installations should be done with the newest version to benefit from the installer-improvements.


I released JustScrobble to fix a bug, which occurred when some needed meta-data for a track was missing.


Some parts of "Desktop Wallpaper" got rewritten to avoid needless loading of the main-window if it is supposed to startup as tray-icon. So, Version 1.1.0 is now available for download.


I wrote a simple client for "scrobbling" to It is called "JustScrobble" and can be found in the applications-section.


A new application called "SampleThinning" can now be found, which can be used to thin the number of samples. Useful if for example the sample rate turned out to be too high. This, together with EventRecord, was part of a university-project.


I have added the small application "EventRecord", which can be used to create a record of events. This was quickly done and it was not yet used for its purpose, but I think it works.


I have added another program called "Zeitschleifengenerator", which I wrote several years ago and which saved me some time.



Today my websites has gone online with three applications. In the future I plan to add more programs to this website as soon as I think they are ready for public usage. Further some of the programs are only available in German right now, but they could be translated to English in the future.